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Tyres prices that fit the pocketbook with guaranteed fitment the first time! Budget Tyre Resale offers the reliable, high performing big brands you count on to keep your ride safe on the road. No compromising, only the best. Best brands. Best prices.

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No need to settle on budget Tyres. Get the reliability, performance in wet and dry road conditions, smooth ride, noise resistant and long lasting big brand Tyres that fit your budget. Call Budget Tyre Resale.

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We Stock All Big Brands

Westlake, Zeta, Roadstone, Ovation, Michelin, Maxxis, Landsail, Kenda, Hero, Goodride, Firenza, Bridgestone, BF Goodrich, Aptany, Windforce, Silverstone, Pirelli, Nitto, Mastercraft, Kumho, Ironman, Hercules, Gladiator, Federal, Delinte, Austone, Antares, Toyo, Sailun, Pegasus, Nexen Lizetti, Kingstar, Hifly, Hankook, Fullway, Falken, Daewoo, Auplus, Achilles, Superia, Rotalla, Pace, Minerva, Lexani, Kinforest, Herovic, Goodyear, Forceum, Dunlop, Continental, Atturo, Accelera, and more!

Tyre Sizes

From 155/80R12 to 195/60R15 to 225/40R18 to 265/35R22 and everything in between, Budget Tyre Resale stocks all the popular sizes of Tyres. We guarantee to fit your car, truck, light truck, van, SUV, 4x4, bus or bike. Contact the respected Tyre dealer in X, contact Budget Tyres Resale for the best in Tyre Sales & services.

Tyre Buying Tips

The first consideration when purchasing new Tyres is the Tyre specifications of your car's manufacturer. While you can choose your Tyre Brands, the Tyres that you purchase must fit the vehicle properly and be the size and type recommended by the manufacturer. It is also vital that both Tyres on one axle have the same tread pattern & tread depth. This is to ensure the safety of the vehicle as without both Tyres on one axle being the same, braking, steering and handling of the vehicle is compromised.

How To Check Your Tyre Profile

Width: The width of the Tyre is assessed in millimeters from side to side. The first three digit number in the dimensions of the Tyre is its width.

Profile (Aspect Ratio): The angle ratio measures the tallness of the Tyre's cross area to its width.

Wheel size: The wheel size is the diameter of the rim that fits the Tyre, and it is measured in inches

When To Replace Your Tyres

Replacing worn Tyres is a must for your safety on the road. Manufacturers make Tyres with wear markers. These markers are small blocks of rubber in the tread. No vehicle owner should wait to replace the Tyres until the wear markers are even with the tread. Tyres should be replaced when there is 2mm of tread left.

Safety measures to take include checking for signs of uneven wear, replace Tyres every five years, and keep a good spare Tyre in the trunk.

Budget Tyres Resale Technicians

Our Tyre technicians are dedicated to the safe ride of our customers. Our technicians assist our customers directing them to the best fit, Tyre Sales And Services. Have your Tyres checked for safety today. Contact Budget Tyres Resale.

Wheel Balancing

Properly balanced wheels are important for safety on the road. Improperly balanced wheels mean Tyre wear, loss of fuel efficiency and vibrations. At Budget Tyre Resale, our mechanics ensure the safety of our customers with wheel balancing that is affordable priced. If your tears have irregular wear pattern, this is a sign they are out of balance.

Our mechanics use state of the art dynamic computer controlled spin balancing machine to ensure that all aspects of your Tyre/wheel assembly are correct.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment is regular automobile maintenance. With wheel alignments, the angles of the wheels are adjusted to be properly aligned with the manufacture specification. Wheel alignments are performed to reduce Tyre wear and to ensure that the vehicle travels straight, not pulling to one side.

At Budget Tyre Resale, we suggest that you include wheel alignment as part of your regular automobile maintenance. Wheel alignment should be checked after every oil change.

Each vehicle has unique alignment specifications. These specs are determined by the vehicle maker for each make and model. Different factors like the size, length, weight and intended use of the vehicle play a role in the alignment angles.

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