6 care tips for tyre maintenance

It is important to ensure your tyres are always in the best possible condition when driving a vehicle. When it comes to keeping your vehicle well maintained, tyres are often the last thought. However, it is the tyres that keep the vehicle gripped to the road, so they should be on top of the list!

There are a number of vehicles where the tyres need to be replaced due to lack of care and maintenance. Tread depth must be a minimum of 1.5mm for tyres to be road worthy. Driving without this minimum tread depth is both illegal and dangerous. It can also void your insurance if you are involved in an accident.

In this space, Budget Tyre Sale shares some tips to keep drivers safe on the road and how to care for your tyres to get the most mileage possible:

1. Correct Air Pressure

Check the air pressure in your tyres regularly each month to make sure even wear and efficiency in fuel consumption. When the tyres are cold, it is the best time to check tyre pressure because tyre pressure increases as the tyres become hot. If you are planning any long driving trips also check the air pressure.

2. Tyre rotation

The life of your tyres can be extended by rotating tyres. The front set of tyres will wear quicker than the back set of tyres as new cars tend to be front wheel drive. Rotating the tyres around the vehicle ensures even wear and help the tyres to last longer.

3. Wheel alignment

The tyres wear prematurely and add to fuel consumption when wheels are out of alignment. This also affects wheel steering.

Have your wheels properly aligned with the axles to ensure your vehicle ultimately safer to drive.

4. Wheel balancing

The vibration that can be felt at high speed if the tyres are imbalanced can be corrected by wheel balancing. Wheel balancing prevents premature tyre wear, stops vibration and protects the bearings and suspension.

5. Repairs

Having a professional repair your punctured tyre can extend the life of the tyre.

The tyre will prematurely wear and could lead to a dangerous blow out if you constantly have to reinflate the tyre due to loss of air pressure from the puncture.

6. Replace

Be sure you fit tyres that are suitable for your type of vehicle and to your driving style when you are replacing your tyres. Also, make sure that the size of the tyres is correct for your vehicle.

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