Tips For Buying The Right Tyres

Like all things, there will come a point when tyres on your vehicle will need replacement. Since tyre condition is an integral part of ensuring safe driving, old and worn out tyres must be replaced as soon as possible. No need to worry. Tyres Sale In Sydney is there for your help in all these situations.

How do you know when to replace tyres? Every tyre manufacturer makes tyres with wear markers that appear as small rubber blocks in the tread. The vehicle owner should replace the tyres when there is 2mm of tread left instead of waiting till the wear markers are even with the tread. Other signs that you can look for include uneven wear in tyres, bulges or blisters on the sidewall, or such other damages.

Buying new tyres is another difficult task altogether. But don’t worry because Budget Tyres For Sale Sydney has put together a list of tips that you can use to find the right tyres for your vehicle:

Do Your Research

The most important part of buying tyres, like any other product, is doing your research beforehand. When you go to the tyre store, you should know about the specifications of your car, the different brands of tyres available and the different prices of each.

Spend some time on the internet; visit the websites of the tyre manufacturers and stores and read up reviews. It is also a good idea to familiarise yourself with the different terminology, such as the difference between all-season and high-performance tyres so that you can make informed decisions at the purchase.

Pick the Right Size

As we mentioned earlier, knowing the specifications of your car will help you choose the right tyres. Go through the owner’s manual and buy tyres that match what’s quoted in there so that you pick the right size.

If you are content with the drive of your old tyres, go for the exact same model during replacement. If, however, you’re not happy with the way your car is performing, replace your tyres with something new but keep in mind that this might result in some changes like reduced grip and less precise handling.

Keep Tyre Age in Mind
Tyre age is an important factor to consider even when purchasing new tyres as tyres naturally deteriorate with time, especially in hot climates. The age of the tyres appears on the sidewall as a four digit number at the end of a letter sequence beginning with “DOT”.

This indicates the week and year the tyre was made in, so 4009 would mean the 40th week of 2009. When buying tyres make sure the store is not selling you tyres that are already halfway through their life of 6 years.

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