Tyre pressure goes unnoticed more often until a tyre failure or a major change in driving behavior occurs. Do you remember the last time you checked your tyre pressure?

Your vehicle can be affected due to incorrect tyre air pressure in the following four ways:

  • 1. Reduced fuel efficiency
  • 2. Reduced tyre life
  • 3. Reduced handling behavior
  • 4. Potential tyre overload

Every tyre loses pressure, slowly but surely. An average tyre loses up to 2–5 psi of air pressure per month!

Losing air pressure is quite normal due to the process of permeation, in which the tiny molecules of oxygen compressed in the tyre seep through the tyre itself.

You will need a very powerful microscope to check your tyres for those tiny holes that let the oxygen out. The molecules slowly work their way through the rubber matrix under pressure and escape into the atmosphere. It is completely natural and simply unavoidable.

The only way to prevent your tyres getting inflated is by a regular tyre pressure check and top-up when necessary.

Budget Tyre Sale recommends a regular check of tyre pressures to ensure natural permeation is accounted for. To pump the tyres back up to recommended specs (if necessary), it is recommended to check your tyre pressure every couple of weeks, especially before a long drive.

When you rotate your tyres you should also check your pressures because there may be a difference in pressure in front and rear tyres. Make sure the pressures are adjusted accordingly.

Do not forget to check the pressure of the spare tyre so that in an emergency you are not left with a flat spare. Due to overloading, many space-saver type spares can be rendered useless at low-pressure levels.

To know the correct air pressures for your tyres, check your car’s user manual or look on the tyre placard. The placard indicates the recommended tyre pressures by the vehicle manufacturer. This information should remain the same if you are replacing your OEM tyres with identical tyres. You should refer to the recommendations of the tyre manufacturer if you have replaced your tyres with aftermarket replacements.

If your tyre is losing an excessive amount of air pressure over a month and you cannot find a puncture, the problem may likely be with your valve stem. In this case, you should consult your nearest Budget Tyre Sale.

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