At Budget Tyre Resale, you have the services you require to keep your ride safe on the road. With a massive stock of big brand names at cheap Tyre prices and Tyre and wheel services that keep your vehicle safe and straight on the road, you have what you need in one stop. Get the Tyre and rims sales & services you need at Budget Tyre Resale.

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Our Services Keep Your Vehicle in The Best Shape and You Safe on The Road

At Budget Tyre Resale, we provide our customers with all they need, including discounts that mean cheap sales & services.

We offer a full range of services that include:

  • Tyres for Sale Sydney
  • Mud Tyres for Sale
  • Summer Tyres for Sale
  • Winter Tyres for Sale
  • All-seasonal Tyres for Sale
  • Massive Tyre Stock
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Wheel Balancing

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Tyres for Sale Sydney

No looking all over town for the Tyres For Sale you need in stock, no having to pay high prices for those Tyres. At Budget Tyre Resale, our stock of vehicles is massive with all the big brand names like:

Pirelli, Antares, Accelera, BF Goodridge, Silverstone, Mastercraft, Lexani, Goodyear, Delinte, Mastercraft, Kingstar and more.

We also carry a full range of mud Tyres like Mud Terrain and BF Goodridge, as well as eco-friendly choices in Tyres. At budget prices, there is no other reason to shop anywhere but Budget Tyre Resale.

Wheel Alignments

At Budget Tyre Resale, you have wheel alignments you can trust. As part of a vehicle's regular maintenance, our mechanics are equipped and have the skill and knowledge to provide you with wheel alignments you can trust. Your wheels need to be regularly aligned, and should always be checked when you notice uneven wear on the Tyres, the vehicle pulling to one side or a vibrating steering wheel, bumpy and vibrating ride. Get a safety check today. Contact

Budget Tyre Resale.

Wheel Balancing

While many people think wheel alignments and balancing are the same thing they are not, and each should be considered regular automotive maintenance on a vehicle. You may find that symptoms can be similar, such as vibration, pulling to one side and uneven wear on the Tyres.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Budget Tyre Resale, you choose a company that provides you with quality Tyres and great Tyre and rim services at discount prices. As the trusted source in X, vehicle owners can rely on dependable services that include price match guarantees should we not be the lowest price in town for Tyres.

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