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Quality wheel repairs, repainting, restorations and machining. Why buy new, when Budget Tyre Resale takes your damaged rims and makes them new again. Keep that damaged, custom, rare or just loved wheel set, and have them back in their new condition with wheel services from the authorised OTR Repair Technicians at Budget Tyre Resale. We guarantee the best quality at Cheap Tyre Prices In Sydney.

  • Premium Wheel Balancing Sydney
  • Wheel Restoration
  • Scratched Rim Repair
  • Damaged Wheel Repair
  • Wheel Bent Repair
  • Wheel Machining
  • Wheel Polishing

Premium Wheel Balancing Sydney

When the vehicle starts to vibrate, there is uneven wear on the Tyres or your auto is pulling to one side or the other; it is time for a Tyre safety check (always free at Budget Tyre Resale). These are all signs that your vehicle could need wheel balancing. At Budget Tyre Resale we provide car owners with premium wheel balancing that assures their vehicle is safe on the road.

Wheel Restoration/Repainting

At Budget Tyre Resale, there is no reason to have your bent, cracked, chipped, gouged, dull, damaged or bent wheels replaced. We are the specialists that restores and repairs rims to their new condition. Bring them in or give us a call, we'll have them back to new in no time.

Scratched Rims? Budget Tyre Resale is Your Solution

If the curb left your rims scratched, or maybe just road wear has them dull and in poor looking condition, give Budget Tyre Resale a call and we'll have them repaired and restored to their once new condition. Whether polished or painted or new coating, we have the skills and the techniques to get them back to their shiny new condition.

Damaged Wheels? Why Replace Them?

Need the wheels straightened for a safe, smooth ride? Cosmetic repairs needed? At Tyre Sale in Sydney, we provide vehicle owners with wheel damage repairs and aesthetic enhancements. With technicians that are experienced and work in a state of the art facility, we specialise in damaged wheel repairs and restorations.

Bent Rims from The Gutter or Ditch?

Bent wheels are our expertise. At Budget Tyre Resale, we take your bent wheels and get them right back into their straight condition. No shaking steering wheel, no pulling to one side, no uneven Tyre wear. Our bent rim specialists have the equipment and experience to quickly restore your wheels to new, safe working condition.

Back to Shiny New with Budget Tyre Resale Wheel Polishing

When the wheels are dull, the ride is less attractive. BudgetTyre Resale provides wheel polishing that takes them back to their new finished look. Our technicians quickly get rid of all the marks and blemishes caused by wear and tear, so your ride is again clean and polished looking.

At Budget Tyre Resale You Get The Best in Wheel Services

At Budget Tyre Resale, you get the best in wheel services. Our expert team of technicians take wheels and repairs and restores them to new condition. We can match your custom colour and finish, just as provide welding and machining to ensure the are back to their brightest condition.

At Budget Tyre Resale, there is little damage that we can't repair. Chips, scratches, gouges, scuffing, dents and

dings are nothing for our technicians. Nor are bent wheels.

Get your wheels back to their new condition today. Give the pros at Budget Tyre Resale a call, or complete our "Enquiry" form at the top right of this page to contact us.

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